I have recently looked at blogs my friends are doing and realize how cool it is to go back and see what has happened from day to day in your life. There are so many little things we forget because we are so busy and forget to slow down and take it all it! I noticed i have not updated my blog in a LONG time about 4 years, so I wanted to take the time today to update everyone on how the last four years have been....

So the girls, have grown so much, they are now a year away from driving! Watch out road! Skyler had knee surgery she tore her ACL while playing basketball, Dominique had to experience having a baby for one night, a school project. She was extremely grateful to be able to give the baby back the next day and was happy happy to get some sleep. 

JaKobie, is growing and has learned the art of photo bombing as many pictures he can with his sisters. He played basketball, baseball, and has now tried out for band and will be playing the Alto Sax. Watch out girls, lol 

All kids went on a great spring break and was able to drive on the back roads, play with the donkeys, play games with Granny Lane. Each kids is involved with church and have done things such as gather money and soda pop lids for the Ronald McDonald house, making bags with school supplies for young parents who are going back to school, choir and book club. 

We all love our Ella Grace! She is JaKobie's best friend a lot of the time. But then who wouldnt love them some JaKobie!

All the while their mom is still as amazing as you can remember! lol Dont laugh at all the gray hair! 

Kora's 2010 Visit

Well as you all know we only get to see Kora a couple of times a year. This year she came down with Katie and spent a little time with everyone. We were blessed enough to get to see her twice. Katie came to my house for the weekend, and we played so much it was unreal. I forget how hard and tiring it is to have a little kid. My kids loved it. They followed her around like she was going to break. They played, changed diapers, and helped feed her. She was spoiled rotten! We took her to the Barton Creek swimming pool, the water was SO cold I could not stay in but a min or two. She wanted to go in bad, but it was just to cold. The next weekend we went to Dallas while Katie was in a class and took Kora to the Zoo. She had a blast. Heck I had a blast! I posted some pics so you can see. It is amazing how she has grown over the year. She is such a good baby, always smiling and just happy. She calls me booboo and I love it!

Mothers Day 2010

I guess I am not at the point that I think mothers day is important for me. I still try hard to make sure my mom is happy and she knows she is loved. Now that our family is growing it sometimes gets hard to see everyone and show them how much you care. So this year we split up the days. On Friday we went to see my mom and went fishing in a little town called La Grange. It was fun even though very hot. We sat and at McDs at a picnic table and headed down to fish. We did not catch anything but still had a fun time watching the kids faces every time the water pushed their bob down. They always thought something was biting it. Mom got me a book that I could write down stuff about JaKobie, Says the life of my son. Though out the years I can document him and when he is grown I can go back and show him how and what funny things he did.

On Sunday we went to church with Clifton's Family and afterwards his mom wanted to go to the Round Rock express game. Good thing it was not hot there. The day was overcast and just perfect for being at the ball park. I enjoy spending time with his family. They are all so great and wonderful!